In hotels worldwide a lot of hard work occurs to please staying guests. From early in the morning until very late at night the staff has to execute many different tasks. Some are of daily nature, like serving breakfast or cleaning rooms. Others only need to be done once a week or month, like taking out the trash. And then there are also seasonal or even annual chores.

With all these hundreds, maybe even thousands of tasks it’s more normal than not that sometimes things don’t go as planned. An employee forgets to order toilet paper, the trash gets taken out too late or someone forgets to decalcify the espresso machine. To prevent these kind of mistakes, Procs helps hotels to find, execute and control all these tasks. By managing your hotel using Procs you gain a lot of advantages. Not only for yourself and your staff, but especially for your staying guests.

Automate checklists

With Procs you can make detailed checklists containing all the work that has to be done per shift or per department.

Set deadlines

Per task a deadline can be set. For some tasks a deadline will be tighter than others. Read more

Never forget a task again

When a deadline has passed and the task has still not been ticked off the checklist, a reminder is sent to the employee. It is thus almost impossible to miss an assignment.

Improve collaboration

A checklist is linked to a shift on an employee level. For each employee has his own account using a login, you can see exactly who did what.  Read more

No more paper

Say farewell to all your paper checklists. Add a task or remove one with a simple click of the mouse.  Read more

Control and escalate

A manager can use Procs to control if tasks have been properly executed on an employee level, for example to see if there was an escalation. Read more

Keep the overview

As director or general manager you can’t be everywhere at the same time. Thanks to Procs you can keep the overview without continually being troubled about every little detail. Read more

Learn from your mistakes

It’s easy to make a mistake. But thankfully you can learn a lot from them. Read experiences from hotel employees. Read more