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    Online task management for hotels

    Suitable for all departments of your hotel
    Procs shows your employees exactly what, when and how to execute their tasks.
    Reducing the risks of omissions and errors substantially!
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    Relevant and valid data for you and your managers
    Real time insight in the operation of your hotel
    Any task, that was not performed in a timely manner or executed at all, is immediately reported
    to you and your managers. Get an up-to-date overview of the status of any task without any action required!
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    Insight in performance
    Learn and optimize
    View execution times per hotel, department, employee and task.
    Collect valuable data to redistribute, plan and execute work more efficiently.
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Bespaar_kosten icon  Save costs

Reduce the amount of resources needed by using Procs. Spent less time on explaining work, checking the status or finding out which tasks have not been done at all. That will save money and precious time!

Houd_overzicht icon  Keep the overview

A manager needs to have eyes and ears everywhere. With Procs you will have easy access to every task in a drill down per department. Allowing you to take action without having to ask around. That brings peace of mind!

Wees_de_beste icon  Be the best

A good hotel is a hotel where little goes wrong. With Procs, all employees work with a detailed day tot day list of well described tasks, reducing the chance of omissions or errors. It’s definitely appreciated by your guests!

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As owner/director you not only want what’s best for your hotel guests, but also what’s best for your own organization. With Procs you can effortlessly manage your hotel:

  • Get insight into the work and work load of your staff
  • Save costs by avoiding making mistakes
  • Guarantee quality by having good controls and clear deadlines
  • Keep the overview without having to constantly be physically present

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“A good hotel is one where the guest is the main focus and where little goes wrong”, says Eric Toren, director of Hotel The Toren, which was once again named best hotel of The Netherlands this year. What is the secret to his success?

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Procs also gives hotel employees a helping hand:

  • Never forget an assignment
  • Get immediate access to detailed task descriptions
  • Call attention to obstacles (too little time, unfair distribution of work load, etc.)
  • No more administrative fuss

View all the benefits of Procs